Friday, May 6, 2011

Crisis in the South: Emotion Regulation

Recently there has been a series of tornadoes ripping through the south, with the worst damage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. When a sever disaster occurs it adds a new dimension to emotion regulation. Our emotions are influences by our cognition, our physiological responses, and the social context when the stressful event occurs. Regrading this natural disaster in Alabama and across the south, the way people perceive the disaster, their physical well being and the social context will influence their ability to regulate their emotions. It is obvious that a disaster this extreme will heighten emotions for those directly impacted. The better care these people receive from the outside community the more likely they will be to regulate their emotions in a more healthy way. For example, inadequate nutrition and physical illness will make it more difficult to control one's emotions. If suitable food and medicine are provided people may have an easier time. The horrific loss these people have experienced calls for more than providing the basic necessities. On site crisis counselors are also needed to give the people an outlet to express what they are feeling.

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