Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being Enthusiastic Can Save Your Marriage?

istock000012264505xsmall-308x390.jpeg An article in Psychology Today tells people how to be more happy in their marriages. The article explains that one of the key ingredients to a happy successful marriage is being enthusiastic about things. The author explains by stating that "The happiness of your romantic relationship, whether or not you are married, is intertwined with both your own happiness and the happiness of your children." She goes on to say that couples who get excited for each other when one or the other has good news normally score higher on intimacy and marital satisfaction.

This article does offer good insight into things that can possibly help a marriage relationship. The problem with this article and most other articles on happiness is that they are looking for happiness in the wrong places. Couples should strive to be happily married, but being enthusiastic about good news is hardly going to bring about true happiness. The only way a couple can be truly engaged and satisfied with their marriage is through seeking Christ and Christ alone. This is something that Christian marriage counselors should always keep in mind. Doing things to please your spouse is a great thing, but doing things does not bring about true satisfaction in marriage.


  1. I think that this article has a good idea in it, and if couples would realize that attitude is so important to a healthy marriage I think that alot more people would be much happier and have better marriages. As the article shows without having God as the center of the relationship it will not matter how enthusiastic they are.

  2. In response to your blog, I must first say it holds truth. Although I am not married I have been in a serious relationship and I believe that even on that level, being enthusiastic toward one another is healthy. Furthermore, I have recently been interested in becoming a marriage counselor. I am not sure exactly where this sudden urge came from; however, understanding basic principles of what makes a relationship/marriage last can be vital information. Reading the article forced a light bulb to come on inside of my head. I consulted with friends and we agreed that when we tell a story to another person, the excitement excites us even more! It does make the person with the good news feel better about themselves. However, one aspect that I would have liked to have more insight on was how couples who are on the verge of separating can increase enthusiasm when the other party does not respond to them. It can be frustrating beyond belief when a person feels as if they are the only person in the relationship that cares. Due to lack of support, people search for comfort in the wrong places, which I believe is a task all marriage counselors should be to handle.

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