Sunday, March 27, 2011

Japan: What An Opportunity
No one is ever prepared for what happened in Japan a few weeks ago. However, when hard times come it is a great time for those who can to show the love of Christ to hurting people. The story is about the Red Cross and their work over in Japan during this tragedy. In this article it talked about how this people have been prepared how to deal with earthquakes their whole lives, but they were not prepared to handle something of this proportion.

As counselors we are the people that are able to go and show God's love during these circumstances. We must be willing to go to the people that are hurting and point them to Christ while helping them through the hard times. As Larry Crabb shows in his book Connecting, people need others and share deep community to be able to tackle the things in life that come their way. During times like these, people do not need a diagnosis they need a cure, and that cure is only found through the love of Christ. As Christian counselors we have the responsibility to give them that love. All the knowledge in all the world without love is useless. We must act out that love through the way we live, if the knowledge we gain is to change anyone's life. This article showed me the importance of living out my faith, and I pray it reminds you as well.

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  1. I have to agree with you, in that counselor's are responsible for demonstrating love to individuals during times of crisis such as these. There is nothing that an individual could say that could truly help an individual go through such a crisis, such as what happened in Japan. Instead, the best thing that could be done is to simply sit with them and help "share" with their grief. I think it is through these situations that the love of Christ can truly be demonstrated.


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