Sunday, March 27, 2011

It is Real, But It's Not Truth

This is an interview of a church called Westboro Baptist Church. This is a church that focuses on the hate of God and how God is against sin. This church protests military funerals, Israel, gays and anyone that is against their view point. They think that God's judgment is more important than His love.

The reason I choose this is because in class we talked about how just because something is real does not mean it's truth. This is a great example of how a thread of truth can be so dangerous. This group understands God's judgment which is a real thing, but they take away His love which makes God sometime that is not God at all. They are giving non-Christians reasons to stay away from Christianity which is a dangerous thing.

As Christian Counselors we are called to know the truth and lead our clients to Christ and not away from Him. Our responsibility is to know about the person of Christ and the truths that are found in God's word. If we do not know about Christ, how can we lead others to Him? We must show God's love to our clients and not just His judgment because we are not just called to show them their sin, but inspire them to change into God's image.


  1. Wow...this broke my heart. It makes me so sad that this is being done under the name of Christianity. This church does recognize the effect of sin and God's judgment. I believe that is as far as the truth goes though. Justice, love, and redemption are all part of the picture, and focusing only on one aspect misconstrues the whole truth of the matter. We are God's ambassadors. We are supposed to tell of God's truth. At the same time, it is up to the Holy Spirit to convict hearts. It is not our job to bring condemnation on others. I agree that the truth of the gospel is not being portrayed by these people.

  2. The honest truth about this is that they do have it all wrong. Jesus spoke more on loving each other than anything else and demonstrated love all throughout His earthly ministry. As a matter of fact, He condemned the Pharisees for their religious acts of upholding the law and not loving others. The Bible tells us that if we cannot love each other, we cannot love God. Sometimes it is hard to know how to balance between accepting people as they are, but at the same time not condoning any un-Biblical actions. I think one of the key answers to this is love.


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