Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conscience: The Voice of God Within

Dr. Timothy represents the article about word conscience. He opened his article with on story about murderer. A murderer confessed his sin by his own conscience. The word conscience means “to know together with” and “joint knowledge with another.” Conscience knows right and wrong that connect with laws, our hearts by the spirit of God.
The Old Testament shows the word “heart” instead of “conscience” to express the thought. Conscience is inherent thing that entrenched by God, and spiritual understanding. The working conscience illustrates very clearly through even little children.
Antecedent and sequent are the two moral functions that conscience has. Antecedent is before events happen that admonishing to do right and wrong. Sequent is a judge after the act either obedience or disobedience. The operations of conscience: before we act, conscience either encourages us to continue or warns us to stop, while we are acting upon our decision, conscience quietly waits her turn to speak, when the act is completed, conscience will speak, either to reward us or to condemn us, and for various reasons, conscience may not speak immediately following the completion of an act. Spiritual understanding and conscience are two in one. When one is defiled, the other is polluted.
I think conscience and spiritual understanding is work together as God created. God put both into our body to see and to hear. It works together according to the image of Jesus Christ.


  1. I like this article and think that it is true that the conscience and spiritual understanding should work together if man is to function how God intented him to. I did not know about the different types of consciences that man has, but it makes a lot of sense and I am thankful I read this article.

  2. Dr. Corsini's comments in class this past Thursday brought clarity to the difference between conscience and the work of the Holy Spirit. He said something to the effect that one's conscience helps one identify what is right or wrong, but does not teach one what is right or wrong (which the Holy Spirit's working). What is right or wrong is usually learned from one's parent-figures. Thus a person can feel convicted about something that is not wrong (think legalism) or can not feel convicted about something which is blatantly immoral.

    I must say I lean toward this definition of each "worker" (conscience and the Holy Spirit). Thus I do not think that one's conscience is directly the "voice of God within" (though God may indirectly use this built in gift as a way to lead people to the truth).

  3. The knowledge that I gained in class on the conscience rocked the boat that my little world sits on. I had no idea that the conscience has the ability to be wrong. I must say I was a bit freaked out when he told us this. The thought of going through my life listening to yet another lie upset me greatly. The little “Jiminy Cricket” in my head just seemed so trust worthy I never thought to question him. I mean he never lead Pinocchio wrong, right? But now on inspection I see his betrayal of my trust in him. Wilson’s book Hurt People Hurt People is helping me understand how my conscience got uncalibrated and then my next step will be to let the Bible and the Holy Spirit recalculate my life by reprogramming my conscience.


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