Monday, March 28, 2011

Strangers understand better!

If asked most people would definitely say they know their spouse well enough to communicate with them and understand what they mean by what they say. These same people would also say that they understand what their spouse id saying better than they do a stranger. However these people would be wrong according to this article I just read. The article explains the reason why couples don’t communicate with understanding better than that of strangers is because they have an illusion of insight that throws them off from what their spouse is really saying.

In Hurt People Hurt People by Wilson she gives another reason for misunderstanding in a marriage. Wilson says that people go in to marriage looking for their spouse to fulfill them and to love them unconditionally. Wilson says that it is impossible for a spouse to love their mate unconditionally. Also if both are looking to be filled up by their mate but the mate is waiting and wanting to be filled themselves no one get anything but heartache. Just another way a couple miss understands each other because really they are in it for themselves.

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