Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The "Gay Cure" App

The Christian group Exodus is facing the possible removal of their application from Apple smartphones due to a petition raised by an LGBT group who has labeled the application the “gay cure” app. The LGBT group has released a video stating that the app is hateful and should be removed by Apple less the group has to go to more extreme measures. The response of Exodus has been that they are not attempting to cure homosexuality but rather are promoting the love of Christ to those afflicted by unwanted same-sex attractions. They simply want to receive the same tolerance from the LGBT group which they ask to receive from others. However, the debate is not in Exodus’ favor as last November a Christian app called the Manhattan Declaration which documented the sanctity of life and the historic institution of marriage was removed after an LGBT activist group complained to Apple.
The issue of working with homosexual clients while adhering to one’s Christian beliefs is a topic faced by every Christian counselor. Above all, the most important factor is to stress the love of Christ which is what Exodus is trying to do. A primary problem arises when an individual suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction is seeking help and is unable to find it because those who do embrace same-sex attraction believe that is wrong to show others how to resist it. Perhaps this to aptly denies the prospect that there it is not a choice to be made, thus breaking down their belief system.
The issue here is not whether homosexuality is wrong or right, but whether tolerance should be available not only to homosexuals but also to those who would like to resist homosexual urges. By denying individuals who are afflicted by same-sex attraction the ability to seek out knowledge about how to resist this unwanted lifestyle, the LGBT group is being intolerant of the idea that someone could experience the same desires that they have and yet not give into them. The Exodus group has provided this population with information that they otherwise may not be able to receive and thus should receive the same tolerance which they have given to the LGBT group.


  1. A few moments after posting this I found an update stating that Apple has decided to go ahead an remove the Exodus application for being offensive.

  2. I just read your post, and your comment, and I'm sad. I agree with you, in that the removal of this app is ironic in light of the fact that the motive seems to be tolerance, and yet in my opinion is being so clearly intolerant. In my multicultural counseling class yesterday though, we talked about taking and etic and emic perspective where you can view a situation from the outside looking in, or from "their perspective"-from the inside looking out. It makes me more empathic to think from the LGBT perspective of feeling like they are being devalued, and discriminated against, and unable to have the rights they feel that they deserve...any of us would be up in arms if we genuinely felt this way. We also talked about how Jesus' instructions on how we are to deal with conflict is so contrary to how the world responds. I wonder how He would respond if He was the president of Exodus. Would he "fight" for His rights to have an app, or would He continue to find those in that population in His community and BE the app? Maybe both?!

  3. Ellen, I do have to agree with statement that the removal of this app is a bit ironic. However, at the same time, I do not think that Exodus was by any ways confrontational or aggressive in its manner in dealing with the situation. In fact, I think their response was very gracious in that they identified their mission as helping those with "unwanted same-sex attraction." Exodus is providing a tool for those who align themselves with their agenda, and by no means are they attacking those who disagree. In fact, if you look at the app in the article, it looked like a standard displaying the local events, news, etc. app for an organization. So this app was not criticized for what it contained, but the organization behind it which has a non-aggressive motive.


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