Monday, March 28, 2011

To Trust or not to Trust...

Everywhere I turn, there are ads or books advertising relationships, trust, and communication. Television talk shows are based on watching people interact with one another. Dear Abby letters are written all the time about relational issues. All this to say, there is something important about relationships. There is something inside each person that craves for another to understand and love unconditionally.

Dr. Sandra Wilson mentions in her book, Hurt People Hurt People, the importance of truth and trust. Many times, when I look around or listen to the conversations around me, or even take the time to examine what I am saying, it is apparent that many people operate out of a mistrust in personal relationships. I believe that trust and truth should go hand in hand in a healthy relationship. In my own life, when I have trusted everyone, I have often lost a sense to differentiate truth from lies - usually resulting in hurt of betrayal. However, when I have only trusted myself, I have again distorted truth and become hurt by my emotional isolation. Although, I am still learning the balance of learning when and who to trust, I must be first grounded on the truth of God's word and then be grounded on the truth of the person in whom I'm placing some of my trust.

What does this have to do with counseling? Counseling is all about relationships. Trust and truth seem to be major issues for the individuals seeking counseling and I'm sure at times for the counselor himself. It is important for the Christian counselor to be grounded in Truth, Scripture, to be able to better discern what is and isn't truth in the session. Grappling with the issue of trust is important for the counselor to do so to better help the client learn how and when to trust.

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