Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boy Envisions Heaven
The article listed above talks about a four year old boy who spent time with Jesus in Heaven during one of his surgeries. It is an interesting article because the boy's father is a pastor and he and his wife did not know about the incident until their son was confronted about his hospital visit. When he was asked about his surgery, the little boy says that the hospital is where the "angels sang to me." He mentions that he sat on Jesus' lap in Heaven, where he also visited with his great-grandfather. During the surgery, the little boy said that he knew what his mom and dad were during while they were waiting for their son to return, because he saw them! Astoundingly, they were in a different room! When the little boy talks about his visit to Heaven, he knew things that he was never told about. For example, his mother had a miscarriage and the little boy said he saw his baby sister in Heaven. His mother never told him about the incident. The family was in awe.
I enjoyed this story because out-of-body experiences is a topic that is becoming more popular. More and more books are being written about people's experience in Heaven, and even Hell. It is a topic that no one can know the answer as to whether the person actually experienced such an event. But to that person, it is a very real phenomenon.
In class we mentioned corroborative evidence and death bed experiences while discussing a person's immaterial and material aspects of the mind. I believe the stories that are told about those who have gone to Heaven or have seen Jesus. God can and does make Himself known to His creation and His methods of doing so should not be debatable. God's methods of revealing Himself are not at all fair, as we also mentioned in class, and this story is an example of that. Not everyone will experience the vision of Heaven or sit on Jesus' lap while angels sing to them; however, God's revelation is real and it shows mankind one thing: That God exists and He is a personal God.

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  1. Great post Emily!
    I enjoyed reading your post and I concur with you. I believe that ALL things are possible with God! God loves each of us so much that I think we cannot comprehend it. He has a purpose for everything He does for us. Who are we to question Him and what He does for each of us?


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