Sunday, March 27, 2011

Listen To Your Heart....

In class we talked about a lot of the aspects of the Heart, such as it's intellectual, emotional, volitional, or spiritual life. In reviewing the notes regarding this topic, I think of a lot of the secular world's wisdom regarding the heart. Some, such as Roxette's song Listen to Your Heart, would advise you to follow the desires and leading of your "Heart." Roxette advises you to "listen to your heart" and to follow what it entails, particular in the realm of love. I am sure that she is not referring to the organ, as that would require a stethoscope, a rather pricey piece of medical equipment that simply would not make a flattering song. Instead, she uses the metaphorical sense of heart to refer to emotions.

And in doing this, I think Roxette captures a lot of the error of secular thinking in regards to this issue. As Jeremiah 17:9 suggest, the heart (or feelings in this case) can be deceitful. How often have individuals made decisions based upon how they felt in the moment? Perhaps, Roxette's feelings towards "him" as he says goodbye, are not really bad, but a result of terrible double-fried burrito she had for lunch. As Dr. Corsini once discussed, how often do Christians base their relationship with God on how they feel? Once again, probably a result of that double-fired burrito. Which I do not say to belittle feelings, but to acknowledge the fact that they must be challenged against rationality and truth.

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  1. Harris, I do enjoy your witty banter. You certainly know how to make a blog enjoyable. On another note, I appreciate your remarks concerning the emotional side of our relationship with God and of our own lives. I remember going to Campus Church on Wednesday nights and witnessing the extreme emotions that people would display and feel, only to return to mediocrity after the service. Our emotions can be so deceptive, and the danger is that we might not even know when we are being deceived by our own emotions. I agree with you that we need to measure our emotions against rationality and truth.


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