Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"The conjuring"

Megadeath singer Dave Mustaine has reported that he is no longer going to sing the heavy metal song “The Conjuring” because it is filled with black magic imagery and contains instructions for hexes. Since becoming a Christian he has gained a greater understanding of the dangers of black magic. He confesses to dabbling in these dark arts as a teenager and states that his involvement with them has haunted him for years. The effects of his participation in black magic have long surpassed his teenage life and he claims that the spells which he cast on others has tormented him since. He believes that a great deal of the strife that he has experienced in life is a direct result of his involvement with black magic in his younger years.

After having read Neil Anderson’s book “The Bondage Breaker” and discussing spiritual warfare in class, David Mustaine seems to be a prime example of how important it is to be aware of the dangers of involving oneself with demonic forces. Anderson professes that through this involvement the individual leaves them self open to demonization and the attachment of demonic spirits. Furthermore, he states that when one does participate in these kinds of acts they should repent and rebuke their involvement with it in the name of Christ so that they may be freed from the spiritual bondage it creates.

Spiritual bondage seems to be a large factor in this instance. It was in becoming a Christian that Dave Mustaine was able to see the effects that his previous involvement with black magic was having on his life. Because the life of Christ is now dwelling inside of him, it is likely that he is experiencing spiritual warfare rather than demonization. However, this does not mean that the situation should be taken more lightly, and it is important to still rebuke the participation in these activities. Because he has experienced the dangers of black magic he is taking the necessary steps of removing himself from its association, no longer enabling others to involve themselves through his lyrics, and informing them of the repercussions of dabbling in the dark arts.

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  1. Wow...this post is convicting. It is making me wonder how many things, or other sins in my life that I have participated in, or done in the presence of another which may have unknowingly exposed them to spiritual warfare. I am embarrassed to recall some of the events that I attended while in college, as a way to ultimately connect with others and not be "left out", but did not glorify the Lord, and could have easily had demonic influence. There are still times that I find myself watching movies, or listening to certain music that I KNOW is not of the Lord. Why? Would I make the same decisions if I could see the spiritual battle raging around me, and the effects it has had on me and others? I'm thankful for Neil Anderson's book you cited, and how it gave me prayers and an understanding of repentance, the opportunity by God's grace to start fresh, and renewing my mind. I pray that the Lord continues to give me ears to hear, and eyes to see, and a will submitted to His Spirit as I make my daily decisions to prayerfully not stray from His presence.


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