Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Introducing My Favorite Psychiatrist

Dr. Scott Peck is a psychiatrist and bestselling author of many books. Most of all, he is one of my favorite American authors who are writing about human problems with critical and academic but public approach. His first book, The Road Less Traveled published in 1978, became a long-run bestselling book in the states. After a decade, he became a Christian and his books has been getting more related to spiritual growth with religious perspective, especially emphasizing on love and community which is contrast to his formal books, before he became a Christian, which were trying to help people to get stronger in their life in the method of medical approach.

Today, I want to introduce one of his books, People of The Lie, about the hope for healing human evil. One of his clients was struggling with his parents who gave him a gift as a birthday present which was used to kill his older brother. He was confused in figuring out why his parents did this to him. He seriously considered a suicide because he translate this gift into his parents’ hope, that they want him to die. The poor boy was in a lot of problems in his school and social life with circumstances this evil-spirit parents provided.

Dr Peck says that there are many people of the lie who never admit they have bad intention or motivation. The evil hide their motives with lies. When we confronted by evil, we have to be wise and keep going to face the reality and fact we experience at all cost in order not to be confused.

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  1. I think all people hide evil side of mind somewhere in their unconsicous minds. I mean all people has evil side thoughts, hearts, and minds. the problem is motivation that is bring evil side our or not. people need to be knowledgeable with it. sometimes people act and talk will be bring other people's evil mind.


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