Saturday, March 26, 2011

Internal War...Literally

Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has abused his powers and oppressed his people for years. Libya has been under Gaddafi leadership since March of 1969. Labeled as a dictator during his early years, Gaddafi made it known that death would follow each person whom attempts to constructs a political party. Furthermore, a banned was placed on conversing with foreigners. If caught, the offender could possibly serve jail time, a minimum of three years! To ensure communication was limited, Gaddafi selfish antics went as far as removing foreign languages from the school systems.
Recently, Gaddafi has been placed on the radar for his threatening and ignorant comments. Comments such as, “thousands of Libyan’s will die, if western forces intervene”. Since the beginning of March, Gaddafi has ordered bombs to be dropped on certain towns in his own country! He has demanded that protesters stop what they are doing or he will continue to have people killed. In Dr. Sandra Wilson book, Hurt People, Hurt People, she devotes an entire chapter to healing for those that have been hurt by leaders. She believes that leaders have a significant effect on those people who are placed under their supervision. Therefore, in order to be an effective leader, the trust of his country must be attained. It is clear that he has abused innocent people. Dr. Wilson stated in her book that when a person is hurt he or she will be less likely to follow anyone else due to the skewed perception of the formal leader (Gaddafi).

It is difficult to comprehend a “leader” ordering attacks on his very country. This so called leader has oppressed his people for years and now that they are prepared to stand up to him, his only option is to kill them until they stop? It goes without saying that Gaddafi is hurting. However, my concern is with those hurting people of Libya. In America, President Obama is our leader. The thought of him bombing any area of the United States is beyond what most Americans can comprehend. It is inevitable that leaders are needed. In fact, in order for future generations to become effective leaders, they must have someone who has lead before them. As a result of this prime example of ineffective leading, Gaddafi has loss control over the eastern half of Libya. I predict that his control will continue to decrease once the hurting people of Libya come together collectively to stand against him and become aware of their self-worth.

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