Friday, March 25, 2011

The Cycle of Hurt

Abuse and sexual assault is quite prevalent. The article states that two girls ages 12 and 14 were accused of sexual assault while they were babysitting a 4-year old relative. The 4-year old showed signs of physical trauma. The girls faced charges in juvenile court.
The fact is that it is a fairly common occurrence for things like this to occur in our world today is disturbing. This is just sexual assault alone. There's also a worldwide problem of sex trafficking, physical abuse, and addiction that are prevalent problems. Divorce is breaking up families, unfaithfulness is destroying marriages, and betrayal is diminishing relationships. There is some evil that is easily depicted in the world while the effects of sin still cause other things to remain broken. We are currently reading a book in class called, "Hurt People, Hurt People." It makes me think about the cycle of sin in relationships with other people. As horrific of an act that these girls committed to the 4-year old, I wonder what their past lives have been like. I wonder what hurt they have endured. Was the sexual assault something that was common to their lives? How will the act that was done to the 4-year old little girl effect her in the future?
This just reminds me again that left to ourselves in this world, we will continue to be hurt and hurt others. Being a Christian does not make one immune to that pain either. We live in a fallen world. Christians can cause pain to others too, even unintentionally. It is important as a Christian that we recognize the areas where we have been hurt as well as the areas we have hurt others. Forgiveness is necessary. It is especially important as future counselors that we are dealing with our own pain in order for us to better help others deal with the pain they have had. Our desire to want to be used greatly by God should drive us to work through the hurt in our personal lives, even when it's painful.

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