Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving Beyond the Pain
Hurt people, hurt people is a profound statement; but in actuality, it is a statement that should be reflected upon for most of us. The author of this article says that if a person has been hurt by another, they are more likely to display hurtful actions unto others. Sandra Wilson, the author of Hurt People Hurt People mentions the same principle. Feelings can be irrational, but they should be acknowledged in order to move on from the bondage of that particular feeling.
God wants His children to depend fully on Him. People who have been hurt by others can experience peace against their pain and hurt by taking it to God. Forgiveness is a huge component of moving past the pain that is felt. And time needs to be considered for the client because everyone's period of grieving is different.
In class we mentioned that counselors should show empathy and compassion on the client by not shoving scripture down the client's throat. Counselors should be aware of how their client is feeling and allow that feeling and emotion to be expressed inside the counseling session. By working through the issue, the client will be more susceptible to take it to God in order to move on. Everyone has the power to respond to hurt in a healthy way and it needs to be the counselor's responsibility to have an understanding on each client and the situation.


  1. This post is so true, hurt people do hurt others. It is a fact of life and people must except the fact that they have been hurt before and learn healthy ways to get pass the hurt that have experieneced. One of our jobs is to hurt them find productive ways to deal with that pain, but I think that once they have realized their pain the best way to give them something is through the word of God. I think you are right that counselors should not push verses down people's necks, but once they are ready to recieve we should give them the truth from God's word.

  2. I agree with your posts on the simplistic but deep message of "hurt people, hurt people". It is incredibly true. When you were discussing forgiveness, it made me think of the story of the missionary Steve Saint. His father (who was a missionary as well) was killed by a tribe in Ecuador. And Steve went back to the tribe and started building relationships with the people who killed his father and even travels around with one of the men that speared his father. That takes a lot of forgiveness. And God has used their testimony in mighty ways. It makes me think about if we would truly forgive others how God could get complete glory and other could come to know Christ as well just through forgiveness.


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