Monday, March 28, 2011

The make up of an individual seems to be a rather complex matter. It seems that there's a tendency to attempt to reduce such complex issues to a simple concepts. Most often people who attempt to do that are often well intended. That is to say, they desire to find a way to intelligibly explain the aspects of the immaterial man. However, more often than not, their attempts fail.

In class we discussed several aspects of the immaterial man. One of the main assumptions that many of us agreed to in class that if God is a God of diversity, it is likely that diversity and complexity could be traits of the immaterial men as well. Thus, the immaterial men could be considered in terms of soul and spirit; nonetheless, the Bible also talks about issues of heart, mind, conscience too besides the soul and the spirit. Therefore, it would interesting to investigate whether the above 3 mentioned aspects are functions of the soul or spirit or just mere aspects of the immaterial man?

Most Christians seem to accept the fact that humans have an immaterial aspect to their lives. With that, I believe it is important to admit that this immaterial aspect is very complex and it might take a great amount of effort and insight in order to be able to explain or articulate a definition of the make up of the immaterial man. Ultimately, we must humbly accept that we have limited knowledge but we have enough knowledge to operate with.

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  1. I agree that the immaterial man is very complex. The complexity is still very difficult for me to grasp. I appreciate your acknowledgment of the components and complexity of the immaterial man. It causes me to ponder.


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