Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japan and Hopelessness

Every day the numbers are rising with how many people were killed due to the tsunami in Japan. At first, it was thought to be a couple of hundred. This article on deaths in Japan report that there have now been nearly 10,000 people confirmed dead and over 16,000 still missing. There's still nuclear crisis.
What does all of this have to do with counseling? I honestly do not know for sure. Yet, I do know that there are times when I do not have the answers. This situation just reminds me how little I am in the big scheme of things. Even out of a desire to help others, at times counseling techniques will not do; no response will fix the situation; and hope may seem impossible to attain.
My heart breaks. I want to do something, and yet I feel so helpless. So many questions come to mind. Why was that them and not us? Why am I still living my comfortable life when their lives have been turned upside down? What is God's purpose in this? How would I be responding right now if I was in the midst of disaster? In discussing this situation with my roommate the other night, I was just made aware again of how God uses prayer. So many times prayer is the last response we want to take. Yet, it should be the first and the most fervent response that we have. Prayer leads to solutions. I want to pray and intercede to a sovereign and loving God for hurting people and a broken nation. Instead of saying, "I can't do anything," I can confidently go before the throne and say, "but my God can do everything."


  1. I saw this new too. It is seriously bad happening in this world. I agree with your thought that I am helpless person because I can't help with anything instead of prayers. A lot of people is missing, and nuclear problem is increasing now. people in Japan afraid about this happening. Many people around world help them with donations, prayers, and volunteers. however, I think that will be not any help right now with sorrow people who are losing thier familes and friends. But for this crisis, I think God has plan for this thing even though it is very bad situation.

  2. So many crisis is happening recently, and I think back on what is God’s purpose for all these things happening in different countries. Maybe because we, human beings aren’t persuing God as they used to? Aren’t our passion for God burned out? Or is there something that has made God bring wrath to our world? So many questions come out from these crisises, but just like how Rachel wrote in her blog, we are helpless. We cannot do anything bring back the lost smiles from the ones who are suffering. All we can do right now is pray, pray with our fullest heart, asking to bring back the lost, to bring back the love God gave onto the country, and ask for forgiveness. Without God’s love on us, we do not have the right to live, breath the air that we need every second to maintain our lives.


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