Monday, March 28, 2011

Say it to my face

There is this article on Science Daily on how Teenagers feel that social networks like facebook are safer than their parents and teachers do. In the article it also talks about the very real risk that people run in to when using facebook and other social networks. However one that I would like to point out is how social networks teach teenagers the wrong way to deal with social problems.

The article does say that there is a problem with cyber-bullying, which is bullying another person using the means of the public forum of the internet. However cyber-bullying is not the only wrong way to handle a social problem that is displayed on social networks. Teenagers are also writing their problems out on their pages instead of going to the source of the problem and confronting it. Instead they write details publicly describing how they are upset on the internet for all to see but this only makes the problem worst.

In Hurt People Hurt People, Wilson tells the reader how the choices that a child makes to cope will be the same kind of choices that child will make when they grow up. This means there will soon be a whole generation of adults who don’t know how to confront their problems. These adults will only know how to write off hand commits on the internet that will get them fired from a job, bring divorce to their families and will destroy the generation after them.

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