Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brain Waives, Cursors, and Microchips...

In the article, BrainGate Neural Interface System Reaches 1,000 Day Performance milestone, observes the effectiveness and longevity of the BrainGate implant that was placed inside of a paralyzed woman. This implant gave the woman the ability to move a cursor through the thoughts of her mind. She was able to guide the cursor, as well as to click small targets. Of particular note, was the fact that it is continuing to work after 1,000 days after being implanted. However, it was also noted that the chip was not performing with the same accuracy as it was once before.

What is interesting about this article to me is the fact that scientist are beginning to accurately capture and record the material aspect of the mind. This leads to me wonder how far can mankind go in progressing in this field. Particularly, what lines can be drawn in our understanding of immaterial and material, if thoughts, feelings, and actions are reduced to a neuron-pattern that can be systematically mapped. However, what I am more curious about is whether or not further studies of the brain will demonstrate a pattern in the waves or thought of the depraved mind (Rom. 1:28). Or will mature Christians demonstrate a change of thinking that is not only demonstrated in their lifestyle but also in a physical way (neuron-patterns)? These are interesting questions to me that I hope are answered in the near future.

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  1. That is really interesting! I actually a tv episode of "House M.D." where they did that on a man that was in an accident and could not respond verbally or physically but when they hooked the computer up to him he was able to communicate "yes or no" questions like that. So that's interesting that it really do work somewhat. I think you offer an interesting question regarding if science will show evidence of the depraved mind. I think these are good questions to ponder on.


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