Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's the Bad Man Got To Do With It?

"Loving the Bad Man," a project of Stone Bridge Films and Eastlake Films, is coming to theaters in April. It tells the story of a 23 year old, Christian woman who is raped, becomes pregnant, and chooses to not only keep the baby, but also visit the baby's father in jail and tell him she forgives him. Early in the story, her parents expect her to have an abortion due to the circumstances under which she became pregnant.
With respect, I must admit that using rape as a reason for an abortion has always been rather puzzling to me. Let me explain. People must begin by deciding whether or not a fetus is a human and if as such, they have a right to life. If they do not then I suppose rape is a decent reason to terminate the pregnancy. By that token, so is a flourishing career, a failing marriage, a fear of parenting, a chance of birth defects, and any other issue that might concern the pregnant woman. It is her body, her choice, and there are no significant guidelines.
Then again, if this unborn baby is a person and he or has the right to life, that right should not be jeopardized by parent's misdeeds. The younger the child, the more dependent he or she is on her parents for protection and none is weaker and more dependent than an unborn child. When a parents commits a terrible crime and is given a death sentence, no state kills their children as well, simply for being related. They committed no crime and such a punishment would be unjust. So why do the rules change regarding the unborn, the smallest and weakest of all persons. A mother in this case or other cases may well consider whether or not she is able to adequately care for her child, but at no point should the crime of the parent justify the death of the child.
Our class is currently reading, "Hurt People Hurt People". Throughout this book, Dr. Wilson writes about Biblical ways to respond to hurt and how to find healing and forgiveness. If the unborn are people, we should not hurt them, no matter how much we ourselves are hurt.

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  1. Great post Jackie! Sounds like a GREAT movie. I once saw a talk show where a teenage boy was telling the audience how thankful he was that his raped mother chose not to abort him. I wonder if people would think differently about hurting an innocent unborn child if they heard more children like this young man speak out? What about this scripture, "You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb," (Psalm 139:13, NASB)? Have all been blinded? I do not think aborting the unborn is ever acceptable.


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