Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Letter to Charlie Sheen

There has been much media attention regarding Charlie Sheen. In this article, a writer attempt to help Charlie Sheen. She explains to him that he does need help and that there are people that would be more than willing to help him. One of the people that she mentions is the highly controversial pastor, Rob Bell. She thinks that Bell could give good insight to Sheen (this could be debatable). The other person that she mentions is Franklin Graham, who like Sheen has dealt with addictions in his lifetime as well. She also points out that Sheen needs to step it up for the sake of his kids and be a good dad without having two girlfriends that live with him. She ends the letter by stating that she is rooting for him and that she wants him to get help and come back to being the hilarious actor we all know and love.

The letter written to Sheen is a decent letter stating concern for his well-being. The letter got me thinking about the book that I have been reading "Hurt People Hurt People" by Sandra Wilson. It is clear from all the interviews that have been conducted with Sheen that he has a lot of issues. I think it would be safe to say that he has been hurt many times in his lifetime and has been dealing with his hurt with drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes. And in turn he has hurt many people (three divorces, "2 1/2 Men being cancelled", and his family that he has pushed away). This letter also got me thinking about how counselors should help people like Sheen. I think this would be a very difficult client to help in a counseling relationship. I think the only way to reach a person like this would be to show them the love of Christ in every area and show the power of redemption that God offers to everyone. I hope that Sheen does get help and that he does turn his life around before it's too late.

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  1. This is an insightful perspective to take when looking at people like Sheen. What I appreciate about the phrase "hurt people hurt people" is that it acknowledges the fact that the person has been victimized and hurt in the past, but it does not discount the fact that the person is also responsible for his or her negative behavior and how they have hurt others. Sheen may have experienced much hurt in his childhood and throughout his life, but that is no excuse for the decisions that he makes.


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