Saturday, March 26, 2011

Martian Child Martian Child is a great movie that deals with attachment theory. It also gives counselors a lot of help understanding how to interact with clients in a productive way.
In this movie the lead actor adopts a strange acting child. He learns how to love and help this child to overcome some major issues that the child had because he was adandoned by his biological parents. The movie shows how the main character who has no idea how to be a parent is able to connect and reach a child who others have tried but have always failed to do.
The reason I choose this movie is because counselors can learn a lot from how the main character was able to love and believe in this child enough to help him overcome major problems. He did not have to use medications or a grand pyschological theory, but through the power of love and seeing the best in the child he was able to change the child in a powerful way.

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  1. This is a great movie. It resembles love and commitment from a father's perspective for a little boy with attachment issues. He never gave up on this child and longed to see him grow into a healthy little boy. He had a passion to give the boy a sense of family that was never given to him. It is inspirational because no one is unreachable. This father played the role of a leader, a father, a friend, and a counselor. As counselors, it is important to see the person for who they are and envision where that person can go.


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