Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A 6.3 Disaster in need of Prayer and Hope

On February 22, 2011 for the second time in 6 months NewZealand's Southland was devastated by another major earthquake. While researching this tragic event, I found this article. The Canterbury TV building collapsed 6 stories onto itself after the event, and the search was called off late Wednesday (NewZealand time). this is tragic and unforgettable to those involved and their families, this article may bring hope to some of the families searching for their loved ones. This is an example of how a disaster can bring prayer and hope into peoples lives. While there around 100 people left unaccounted for, there are now reports of contact with a person alive and buried under the rubble. I can not begin to imagine how that could happen aside from the power of prayer, faith, and hope. On the day, within hours of the search being called off, one person managed to make contact with the outside world to let them know they are alive, and to not stop looking.
The disaster recovery is going to be difficult for everyone involved. Not only the victims and their loved ones, but for the search and recovery teams. They may feel they have failed, even though they could have saved many more lives than could have been lost. The disaster recovery process will be a road that all of those parties must take the long walk through. This article is deeply touching on the spiritual realm and it illustrates that miracles happen even buried 6 stories underground.

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