Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love and Evil

Just past the lover's holiday, Valentine's day, the topic of love is still fresh on people's mind. Much thought is given to significant others, flowers, chocolates, etc. It's not as common for people to get as excited about God's love. In class this past week, a random question was raised. "Why does God allow evil?" Everyone waited for our professor's response. Rolling up the projector screen, he sat down on the desk and began by talking about God's love.

If God created man for His glory and gave man no choice but to serve Him with the attitude, "You're going to serve me and you better love me too...cause you're stuck with it," that would be good love. However, if He made man with the ability to choose right or wrong and who could choose to love Him or not and yet still love man, that's better love. The best love, is the when God made man, with the ability to choose good or evil, and man choosing to evil and choosing to reject God, and yet still loving him nonetheless. That's the best love. Dr. Larry Crabb, in his book, Connecting, describes more the loving relationship that God has for mankind. Crabb describes how God desires to connect with man and help us become more like Christ. He goes on to explain the healing that deep connection with God and with man can bring about in an individuals life and how counseling can help with these connections.

I appreciated, Dr. Corsini's answer to the question, and how he focused on God's unconditional love. It's challenged me to look at life a little differently, trying to view things in light of God's love rather than in light of all the tragedies that occur in life. Although, I still struggle with my own sin and it's negative consequences, it is encouraging to recognize God's unending, unconditional love. I think we could all stand to dwell on that concept.

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  1. Rachel-
    Personally, the answer to the question, “Why does God allow evil?” is an answer that is so simple. It is because He loves us. Although, the more I grew in my faith and relationship, the more that question kept nagging at me. God’s love is unconditional, and I believe that Christians would concur. But I cannot help but to ask “why do we display conditional love to Him at times?” When things are not the way we desire or when we become impatient when waiting, conditions began to be placed on our love for Him. Once we made the decision to accept Him into our hearts, we made the decision to love Him; circumstances should not matter. Who are we to give ourselves to the Lord and then turn around and take it back? That is not true love. True love is what He desires and deserves. That is why I too am thankful that God did not create us in His image and then implant robotic brain inside our skulls. As we continue grow in faith, the more meaningful our relationship will turn out. Falling into a deep genuine connection (love) is the best Valentine one could ever receive.


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