Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Closer to Truth

Shawn Spencer is a psychic. Actually, that is a lie. Shawn has a photographic memory and a knack for picking up on tiny details so he helps the Santa Barbara Police department solve crimes. He was right so consistently that the police thought he might be in on the crimes and to keep from being arrested, Shawn decided the psychic story was a pretty convenient option. Sounds great doesn't it? Shawn is naturally skilled at solving these high profile puzzles and gets to do so alongside his best friend Gus and a cute detective named Juliet. But Shawn has a problem. Although he would like to date Juliet, he is hesitant because she would find out that he was lying about being a psychic.

In class we discussed the possibility that "Everything that is real is not necessarily true". In this case, Shawn Spencer really does solve cases, but he lies about his methods. The police department doesn't understand how Shawn solves the cases, but they are more interested in catching their villian than discovering the truth about Shawn Spencer. In the area of counseling, people come up with real solutions, but fail to lead their clients any closer to truth. Many clients simply want to feel better about themselves and there are many ways to reach that goal, at least temporarily. Find the "villian" in their life that is making them uncomfortable, be it grief, anxiety, or a rocky marriage, and alieviate the client's suffering. While the client and counselor may sucessfully accomplish their stated goals, their efforts are ultimately wasted if the client does not come to the truth that most of all, he needs a restored relationship with God.

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