Sunday, February 27, 2011

So that's why mom can't remember my name

In class we are really taking a hard look at what makes up a person so we can make a better attempt at knowing how to help them in our future careers. Currently we are going from the outside in. We went from the body, to the soul, and now we are on the spirit, with more to come. One of the things that has stood out to me, on our magic school bus ride into the unseen parts of the person, is that all three parts we talked about “remembers”.

Science Daily had an article in it that talked about memory and how the way we use it changes as we age. The article talks about the difference between implicit memory and explicit memory and how young people tend to use their explicit memory more and older people tend to use the implicit.

So, the body remembers by way of the brain. The soul remembers and we know this based on Revelation 6:9-10. Then also the spirit remembers as told by Psalm 77:6. But this leaves me with many questions. Are these all different memories? Are all these memories stored separately? Are they implicit or explicit memories? More importantly are all of these memories affected by age? I am really hoping not. I would like to think that whatever it is that my soul and spirit is remembering it is getting sharper with age whether explicit or implicit or something totally different.

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