Sunday, February 6, 2011

What is Good Christian Counseling?

The article ‘What is Good Christian Counseling?' written by Dale Hayden, asks a question ‘what is good Christian counseling?’ He mentioned about Christian worldview, goals of counseling, and the work of an essential therapist.

According to the article, the book Effective Biblical Counseling by Larry Crabb is mentioned to suggest helping others to become build more positive Christian attitudes such as glorifying God and serving Him better.

In the class, we discussed about whether the Bible is sufficient or not sufficient. This article said that the Bible has the answer for our problem, and makes good relationship with God more deeply. I believe that the Bible is both sufficient and insufficient, because it depends on the person belief and lack of belief. However, making the Bible sufficient is the best thing that the counselor need to do through Christian counseling, so clients can please and worship Him more.

Grace and truth are the good attributes for a therapist to have in order to concern about clients. Therapist has to have the unconditional love and positive character towards clients. Also, they need to catch up on things that cannot be seen easily, and that does not want to be seen.

The Bible, Acts 20:27, called “the whole counsel of God”. The Bible has many ideas and ethics to use for perspectives of therapy. This will be the root to understand the reality of Christian world.

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