Saturday, February 5, 2011

We Must Check Ourselves

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This is a video of Nate Larkin on He was a pastor who was a spritiual leader who got caught up in sexual sin. This sin ended up causing him to leave the ministry and almost lose his wife.
This video shows how anyone can get caught up with sin if they do not protect themselves from it. However, this video also shows how big God really is, and how He can bring beauty out of the ashes. Even though Nate's life was almost ruined because of sin, God was able to restore his family back to him and give him a ministry that was more powerful than the one he had previously.
In class we talked about our motives for being Christian Counselors and how as Christian Counselor the way that we love and care about the people we counsel is so important. This video shows both of these ideas in a real way. First, we must make sure we guard ourselves from the sin that can ruin our ministries, but also we must make sure that we are becoming counselors to be used by God to impact others. One final lesson that can be drawn from this is that our greatest ministry usually flows from our greatest pain. When we face our own struggles, we become more equipped to impact others with their struggles.

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  1. This is an amazing story. We definitely serve the God of restoration. I think this article also shows that anyone can get drawn into the lusts of sin and no one is exempt from it, not even Christian counselors. We do serve a great and mighty God who can turn our greatest struggles into a testimony that will glorify him.


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