Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Millions of People Won't Be Able to See....
I got this article from and it was about how a commercial was not allowed during the 2011Super Bowl because it promoted a belief system. Fox News, who is covering the game, would not allow the commercial because it would infringe upon people's rights.
The article shows how Christianity is being harder and harder to promote on a large scale through mass media. The people who were trying to get the commercial on during the Super Bowl made a good point that is usually overlooked. Larry Tuanton, executive director of Fixed Point Foundation said he was not creating a way to believe, only answering questions that were already there. It is true that people deserve to be informed as well. Plenty of times during a game the camera will pan to the crowd and it would be easy to see a sign with John 3:16 or to see a player pray after a Touchdown. The article was intriguing and made me wish Christians would stand up for what they believe.
The reason why I choose this article was because talking about "is it ethical to pray for our clients" made me see how far our society has went away from God. As counselors we should be concerned about the overall well-being of our clients, and we should at least inform them of the possibility of having a more full life through Jesus Christ.

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