Sunday, February 27, 2011

No, Mr. President!

This is a video that John Piper made from Desiring God.
This video is in response to Obama's comment on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade. John Piper does a brilliant job of discussing the issues of what abortion does. Piper starts out by saying that God made a magnificent thing when he made man and in His image. We are pictures of the glory of God and the human life is an incredible gift. He then goes on to respectfully disagree with the President's statement on women having the freedom to do what is best for their families. Piper shows how this is not freedom but is a detriment to human life.
In class we have discussed what makes a human life important. We have also been discussing the soul of a person. This video on abortion shows that our world does not take into account a person or a person's soul. The world does not care that we are made in the image of God and that he has created us for his glory.

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  1. Courtney-
    I first saw this video about two years ago and it is still relevant at this present time. This is a very powerful video in which the viewer must carefully assess what the TRUE issues are. It is not President Obama, nor is it the “world”. It is however, our individual moral convictions that we must take into consideration. Allow me to share my stance, I am against abortion. In fact, I am against anything that is contrary to God’s word. Life begins at the moment of conception and this issue is one that should be taken more seriously world-wide. You say that video shows “our world does not take into account a person’s soul”, and I respectfully disagree. I believe that this video is condescending and a direct attack the Presidents character, rather than attacking the sin nature of those receiving abortions. This is bigger than Presidents Obama’s statement. Since Roe V Wade, there has not been a President that has overturned the courts decisions. So we must ask ourselves, is this a government issue? Or our own blatant disregard of God’s truth? Either way, as Christians we must stand up for what we believe (God’s Truth) and confront sinful issue in the respect that is pleasing to Him.


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