Sunday, February 27, 2011

More proof that bacon is evil

I came across this article in Science Daily that was comparing how children who had the swine flu virus had more seizures then those who didn’t. In the article it said that 66 percent of children who had H1N1 had neurological issues, and 67 percent of those children had seizures. Then out of the children that had the seizures, half of them had continuous life-threatening seizures.

Reading this article made me think even harder about one thing that our teacher said in class on Thursday. On Thursday we were talking all about whom and what, can and cannot be possessed by a demon. Then at one point in the talk the teacher reminded us about Matthew 8:28-34, where Jesus cast some demons into some pigs. Then our teacher made the point that this story clearly shows that pigs can be possessed by demons and if pigs can be, then can all lively creatures be possessed? Then he left it with if all living creatures does that include viruses? So can viruses be possessed by a demon?

To me this article about children with the swine flu virus having life-threatening seizures seems to fit the thought that viruses indeed can be possessed by a demon when you take a look at Matthew 17: 14- 20. In these later verses of Matthew the demon possessed boy is described with having seizures that cause him to suffering greatly and that these seizures also cause him to often fall into fire and into water. Now that sounds pretty life-threatening to me. So could it be that the same thing that was causing the boy in Matthew 17: 14- 20 to have seizures is also causing these children with the swine flu virus to have seizures? Demons? Could it be that from my beloved bacon flavored swine to the swine flu virus all can be demon possessed?

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  1. Interesting post, however I would like to point out that viruses are not technically classified as living things. Also, were you aware that H1N1 (sometimes refered to as "Swine Flu") is not caused or carried by Swine or any Swine related products? See the link below for an article on the subject found in Time magazine. Also, I think the instructor was saying that demons possibly can cause siezures, but not that they always do.,8599,1894703,00.html


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