Sunday, February 6, 2011

Biblical Standards: A must have

This is an educational cartoon clip about homosexuality being “scientifically” proven that being gay is not a choice. They begin by using a real person who broke the news to her parents and what they did to try to discourage her decision. It then becomes animated using a male narrator who defends a gay male and female. The straight character is a “Christian” named Christian.

As I was reading, I recalled chapter 7 in Jay Adams book, How to Help People Change. The chapter was titled Teaching God’s Standards. In this chapter, Adams proposed that the fundamental statement is not “changing people into…”, rather “moving” a counselee from one place to another safely and effectively (Adams, 1986, p.59). Counselors can achieve this by teaching God’s biblical standards. As Christians, we know that God’s word has stood the test of time. His word has and will not fluctuate. Unlike the video you just watch which promotes that science has proven that homosexuality is not a choice. These finding have stemmed from three areas of testing: genes, hormones, and birth order. Additionally, they are opposed to those who have chosen to be a homosexual to receive professional counseling in order to change.

After shaking my head in shock at this clip, I could only help to notice the inconsistency in their beliefs such as the more males a woman has; the chance is greater that their next son will be a homosexual. Could that go both ways? I have four sisters and I was next to the last born and I never had the desire to be a homosexuality. Furthermore, it is saddening that the clip listed the American Psychiatric Association as one of the organizations that accepted homosexually as no longer abnormal. What they fail to incorporate was that the gay community pressured them into accepting this opinion (Adams, 1986). In short, science changes, God words do not. As future counselors, Adams is teaching us that we can counsel with a certainty and assurance unattainable by others. If we commit to teaching God’s standards, we will teach that homosexuality is a forgivable sin, not diseases or genetic defect.

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