Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Knowing is Half the Battle...

The movie called the Knowing is about how a group of children wrote out what they thought the future was going to look like, but one girl was given this special information about future events and the number of deaths that would occur during that event. The story picks up 50 years later when a different group of children look in the time capsule to see the drawings. The main character, who is a teacher at MIT, draws the conclusion from the numbers on the page that the world will be ending soon.

The reason why I decided to blog about this movie is because in class we talked about God's general and special revelation that He has given us, and like this movie illustates, God has given us as Christian's special information that could save our lives and help others live a more abundant live. However, many of us don't fully believe in this information which makes it less powerful. I think as Christian counselors we have the right to get this information in the hands of hurting and dying people. We have to understand that one day Christ is coming back and we will be held accountable from the information we give to our clients (James 3:1; Romans 14:12).


  1. This is true. As Christian Counselors it like we are held to a different standard then secular counselors are, because we are messing with their soul. IT is a great responsibility something that I at least sometimes forget.

  2. Good analogy. I believe that Jesus is coming sooner than the world thinks. Although no one but God knows when this event will take place, He has given us His Word, His Son and His moral laws (special revelation) to prepare us for this glorious day. I concur that we are responsible to share this information not only with our clients, but with everyone who crosses our path.


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