Sunday, February 13, 2011

Right & Wrong Who Decides?

The article that Roger Foster wrote talks about how people decide right or wrong. In the class this week, we talk about limit to know what is right and wrong. People have a freedom to decide their thoughts and ideas.
Many things are the issues and matters of right or wrong. This article asked many questions regarding to the questions of right and wrong. Generally, people know what is right and wrong morally, but there has no guideline to decide things.
In the class discussion, we had discussed matter of right or wrong if a man who thought about immoral things, although he did not act immorally. I think it is wrong, but I could not explain why it is wrong. I know it is wrong thing with brain, but it is very complicated to clarify the matter because he did not actually involve in criminal act.
This article explains issues of right and wrong, proposes guidelines; illustrate the secular view and the biblical perspective of right and wrong. This article makes me more understanding of different view of perspectives.

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