Sunday, February 27, 2011

This article talks about how the most beautiful angel, received the eternal cast from the Heaven, and how man has fallen to sin. From this article fallen means separated from God's presence and how we got saved, how we got back from eternal separation to God.
I have searched for this article since our last discussion on our soul getting saved. I just wanted to get deeper with this issue and identify how other professionals think of getting saved.
This is a serious topic for Christian counselors, because our job is to heal clients psychogically as well as their life with God, through his words. Going on, we need to help our clients to be saved through God, helping them look back from their loss of pressence with God. This is why God has called upon Christian counselors, but all this is useless if we do not know the meaning of getting our souls saved by God. From what I believe to become a real Christian, a person needs a right kind of faith that is given by Christ and believe that Christ has died for our sins. Everyone can say he or she is a born again Christian by mouth, no one can tell that the person is saying the truth but God knows, since God does not feel that person's presence bonded back with him.

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