Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kingdom of Darkness in Entertainment

Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill church comments on the spiritual warfare surrounding entertainment. He asks us, "Are our eyes open to the darkness of our day and the deception that surrounds us?" He also states that Satan is still at work today, deceiving and preaching to people, even through entertainment.

The Twilight series is highlighted more in detail in the 13 minute clip called Mark Driscoll on Twilight and how this work inspired by Satan targets pre-teens and teenage girls. It comes from the original sermon titled Jesus Heals a Demonized Boy which can be found on Mars Hill website. Mark Driscoll points out how our culture is inviting demons when reading and watching many things that entertainment places before our eyes.

While reading the Bondage Breaker, Neil T. Anderson writes, "Satan's first and foremost strategy is deception". Are we being deceived by entertainment? Are we being exposed to a darkness that is conforming to the things of this world? 1 Timothy 4:1 explains what is going on in our culture today as it states, "the Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons."

According to the first freedom in Christ step, we are called to renounce all past or present involvement with occult practices, cult teachings, rituals, and non- Christian religions. There is a "Non-Christian Spiritual Checklist" that allows us to recognize when we consciously or unconsciously open the door to darkness in our lives. The last box to check includes, movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, or comics that glorified Satan. As Mark Driscoll puts it, the Twilight series involves vampires, blood thirst, lust, and the concept of being born again to be eternally young, but not through Jesus Christ.

The reality is that most of us get caught up in entertainment and expose ourselves to things that are not of the Lord, but are evil. I watched the Twilight series, even when knowing that it had things that were not of the Lord. Why did I do it? I guess I figured it was a love story and that I could ignore the rest. Not! I am convicted by how quick I am to expose myself to things that are not of the Lord, just because it is in a movie. I am reminded by reading The Bondage Breaker how real the kingdom of darkness is, even when I do not necessarily see it or think I am being affected by it. I am challenged to continue to ask myself, am I aligning with the Truth of Christ, or am I being deceived by the works of Satan? If the latter, my prayer is that the Lord will allow me to have discernment and boldness to not expose myself to the kingdom of darkness that surrounds entertainment.

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  1. I am one of those crazy women who love the Twilight series, and have watched all of the I'm Team Edward. After reading this blog, and watching this video, I'm kind of annoyed because I'm so convicted about how I often completely ignore adultery, lust etc. when I see it in the movies-especially this series, as if somehow it "doesn't count" there. And to be honest, I want to see the next movies that are coming out and now I feel guilty! I, like many women around the world think that we love the relationships in this movie, but upon closer examination where take time to actually think critically and in light of Biblical truth, it is a lie that I am loving. Women relate and are drawn to the God given desire of Bella to be wanted, loved, and chosen, but this blog and video remind us that these longings can only truly be met longterm in Jesus Christ and Godly relationships. As we counsel and live our lives in the future, it is important to remember that we there is a battle raging for us to get legitimate needs met in illegitimate ways, but that the need is not bad. God created it...but He wants it to be met HIS way...without deceit, biting, blood, and full moons!


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