Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Next Three Days.....

This is a movie that I watched recently that showed the way that lives can get turned upside down and cause people to reaction in ways they normally wouldn't. We were reading Effective Biblical Counseling by Larry Crabb in class and in his book it shows how people behave based on a set or presuppositions(or lens which we view the world around us). In this movie, one can see how pain sometimes taints the way we view our worlds. In this movie the couple involved both could and should have had some type of counseling to prevent what happened. They both had outside focuses that kept them from experiencing "happiness", and the man decided that he would do whatever it took to get his wife out of prison because he believed that was the only way he would have been happy.

After watching this movie and reading Dr. Crabb's book, the idea of helping people and myself understand wrong thinking and showing others different ways to view the events that happen in their lives is a powerful thing. I believe that people must understand that they are not in control on the circumstances in their lives, only the way the reaction to those events. Therefore, as Christian Counselors we are to help others have a correct view the events in people's live and help them response in a way that is Christ-like.

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