Sunday, February 27, 2011

In 1789, the United States of America appointed George Washington as our first president. Since his election, there have been 43 other men who have carried on the legacy that was started. Every four years, our country listens as several noteworthy candidates attempt to give their best campaign as to why they should be elected the next Commander-in-chief. Their ultimate goal is to reach presidency and be the advocate for our country. However, along with the title come critical issues such as threats of war; fear of rescission; national budget decisions; political party division; and even unemployment.   The president has the responsibility of facing these difficult issues and making wise decisions on behalf of our country.


In Neil Andersons, The Bondage Breaker, he presents six foundational guidelines that play a vital role in staying free from the enemy’s attack. My desire is to explore the second guideline on the list which is “Picking up the cross daily”. When we made that bold decision to accept Christ into our lives, we made a statement that said we are following Him. According to Anderson, we are not picking up our own cross, but rather the cross of Christ. We are acknowledging that each day we belong to Christ and we are advocating for the enhancement  of God’s kingdom.


As an advocate for Christ, I am aware of the trials that I will encounter. I understand that when we accept a position in His army that the battle will be tough. Forty-four presidents have been in control of this country because God saw fit for each of them to be elected. Furthermore, each president that has served has made a vowel or a commitment to take on the challenges of the country each day. Although they become tired and weary, and (most, if not all) have acquired a head full of gray hair due to the role they have accepted. As Christian counselors we must remind ourselves, as well as our clients that picking up the cross is a daily task. Becoming tired and quitting makes as much sense as the President taking a leave of absence in the middle of his term. Through picking up that cross, we will preserve our relationship with Christ.


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