Sunday, February 6, 2011
To Save a Life is a movie I recently watched that is full of counseling needs that many of us as Christian counselors will face once we enter into our field of work.
This movie is a powerful example of how people of influence can imapact and change a huge group of people. The movie has a lot of Christian principles and gives a view into life of a topical high-schooler. It starts off with a young man who commits sucide inside of school and how it impacts the life of the school's most popular student. It shows how everyone has a story, and how not everyone is truly what meets the eye. We all have pasts that shape up into who we are today, the more we take time to find out those stories the better we will be at helping them.
The reason I picked this to blog about is because as counselors we must learn how to see past the masks that people put on and learn to love the hurt out of people. I firmly believe the most powerful tool that a Christian counselor has is the power of love. God is love and people need to see that love He has for them, and as Christians we have the responsibility to share that love with all our clients.


  1. I have not seen this movie yet for myself but I really want to! I think it is great that this movie shows a realistic view of someone in high school and the hard things that they face without making it like a Glee show. I think it is very important for counselors to learn to see past faces, especially teenagers. Most teenagers are incredibly confused but do not know who to turn to. Showing love to teenagers could really work wonders in their lives.

  2. I know the filmmakers of this movie received a lot of flack from Christians for their portrayal of the "typical popular highschooler's life," including partying, sex, drinking, drugs, etc. However, Scripture commands us to be as wise as serpents, but as innocent as doves. As Christian counselors, i think it is important that we know the reality of the culture we are living in...and the challenges our clients face. While guarding our minds from dwelling on sin, if we are unaware of, say, the temptations teenagers face, we will likely find ourselves poorly equipped to counsel teens like those in this movie.


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