Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Faith

Sunday's Super Bowl was one of the closest Super Bowl's I have seen. As I was watching the game, I took notice of a player who seemed to pray after both of the touchdowns he made. It made me smile a little more as I heard his post-game speech. Greg Jennings commented on the lose of some key players for Sunday's game due to injuries, but the comment that followed was "To God be the glory." It was refreshing to hear that and made me think about some things we had been discussing in class. Jennings was definitely on an emotional high after each tough down and after the game; I got to thinking, would his remarks be the same, if they had not won. In class we have mentioned and danced a little around the idea of attachment theory. I do not think I can go into the details of attachment theory without making this post really long. Suffice it to say that attachment theory looks at how your relationship with parental figures affects your relationship with others and your overall outlook on life. The theory divides your attachment style into four different categories, three of which are considered to be insecure attachment styles and one of which is considered to be a secure attachment style. Jennings got me thinking about this because in attachment theory, your attachment style does not really show up until you are in distress. Right now Jennings is at an all-time high and it would be easy to attribute his success to God, but when the rubber meets the road, is that dependence, attachment, to God still there? Would he be considered securely attached to God or would his attachment be an insecure one?
I am in no way saying that Jennings is a "fair weather Christian," but many times in life it is easy to focus on the problems that we face and not God. This hit me, because I sometimes find it hard to believe that God would ever let anything bad happen to me. Watching Jennings praise God in the midst of his mountain, made me wonder if he would have been doing the same thing if he was a Pittsburg Steeler? I am thinking he might not have been, but I do the same thing too! I quickly attribute something good that has happened to me to come from God, while attributing something bad as being cause by me or Satan. The fact of the matter is that God will allow bad to come into our lives, it is one of the ways He shapes and molds us. It is time to start displaying a "Super Faith" and begin to praise God for the trails and struggles He allows to come into our lives. Because somewhere down the road, it is going to be easy to see the good God allowed to come out of that trial!

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