Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grace and Deeds

In the movie About the Grace Card that is to open this Friday, February 25th, a policeman has recently lost his son in an accident. His police partner is also a part-time pastor who is questioning if what he is doing with his life is what he is supposed to be doing.
In class this past week we were discussing whether or not one's acts of faith can make one more spiritual or not. I believe that we came to a consensus as a class that every person who was created also has a spiritual side. When one becomes a Christian, the Holy Spirit then dwells in that person. Now he or she is able to be shaped more into the image of Jesus through acts of faith that build spirituality. We discussed a few other religious faiths. Acts of faith can increase devoutness in another's religious faith. However, only in Christianity are those acts of faith allowing the spiritual to become more in tune with what it was created to be. There is still the question: where does grace fit into this?
As believers in Jesus Christ we believe that grace is what saves us. Grace is what allows us to approach a holy God as an imperfect person. The trailer for this movie reminded me that one may be struggling for hope at times. A Christian may not feel that the acts of faith are enough. Although acts of faith are important in the Christian's life, they are not an end to the means. Out of desire and love should acts of faith flow. Most importantly though, we cannot lose sight of the grace that saves us in the beginning and the grace that keeps us in a relationship with God. There will be times during our Christian walk when acts of faith simply seem like we are going through the motions. At times we may question if our acts of faith are good enough for God. Then we can be reminded again that it is God who chose to have grace on us.

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  1. Watching the trailer, this movie looks like an incredible example of what Larry Crabb was depicting in his book connecting. Two people, looking past their differences, to be vessels/conduits of God's grace, forgiveness and truth. It took the presence of each other, acting as the arms and feet of Jesus for them to increase their faith, and each experience more of who God really is. I'm excited to see this movie, as it appears to portray a deep healing that can come from simply being friends, who are committed enough to fight for each other as the see beyond the temporal to the eternal. We all need connection like that!


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