Sunday, February 27, 2011


I went to a Mennonite church this past weekend as part of a class project and the sermon brought to mind something that I have grown to believe more and more. The pastor spoke on Matthew 6:1-8 talking about how as Christians we are not suppose to elevate ourselves because of "good works", however, we are to glorify God and make sure He gets the glory for all we do. It brought to mind the fact that it is not about the activities in our Christian life, it is about our relationship with God. In this passage Jesus is describing a humble attitude that is fully reliant on God; one that gives God the glory for everything that goes on.
As we progress through the semester, I am seeing how insufficient I am to work as a counselor. There are many different theories out there on what causes psychological dysfunction in a person in both the secular and Christian camps. Knowing when and how to apply the proper theory, or in some cases theories, can be quit distressing. During the semester so far, I have read about 3 different Christian theories on what causes psychological dysfunction and can agree with parts of each one of them says and I will continue to learn even more theories as the semester goes on. It can become quite overwhelming when I think about applying each of these theories in a counseling session and thoughts of self-doubt quickly come to mind. However, I can relax and rejoice that it is not me who will help each individual I see, but God working through me. God has called me to be a Christian counselor so that I can bring honor and glory to His name by helping hurting people. I can rest in the fact that my abilities did not come from me but from God and that He will guide me through each counseling session as helping me to apply each theory I have learned in school. Through my classes and knowing what I am getting myself into when I graduate, God is helping me develop a humble attitude that fully relies on Him.

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