Monday, February 28, 2011


As I was talking with a friend the other day, we began talking about the greatest needs we see in our world. Whenever these conversations start, I always feel as though I'm in a funnel, beginning with issues and needs on a global and national level and gradually moving down to a very personal and intimate relationships.
It struck me that too often, true connecting relationships are quite rare. Often times, I connect with people by phone, email, or facebook but without real face-to-face contact. Dr. Larry Crabb also addresses the issue of deep relationships in his book, Connecting. In reference to the healing relationship within the Christian life and also within the counseling session, he stresses the actual connection of the relationship is the real avenue to healing. I, too, agree with this perspective. It is those people whom I already have strong loving and trusting relationships that I can actually share my deep personal feelings, thoughts, dreams, heartaches, and sin.
I wonder how much we would all encourage healing in each other's lives simply by making ourselves available to developing deep, vulnerable, trusting relationships.

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