Saturday, February 5, 2011

No glasses, no contacts, no surgeries

Personally the word Optometrist was an unfamiliar word to me. I first heard this word from my COUN 507 class, where we talked about the four role types of counselors, the mechanic, coach, surival guide and optometrist. Out of these four types, optometrist caught my attention and I searched the word optometrist and found this website about Dr. William H. Bates. Dr. Bates is an eye surgeon, who has found a cure to poor eyesight that doesn't require glasses. He began this experiment when he realized the unsatisfying results that the only treatment was prescribing glasses. Although nobody accepted the method that Dr. Bates has found, he did not give up and continued on with his experiment. Now his theories are recommend to every optometrist student.
From the word optometrist I have learned two things:
First thing I have learned is, who Dr. Bates is and how he challenged with something that is off the ideal solution. Dr Bates showed that there is no limit to solutions; he has transcended the ideal solution which other optometrist and people know, by optimizing the eye sight without wearing glasses.
Another thing that I learned was optometrist can be divided into three different parts--physical, psychological, and spiritual. Physical optometrist improves, specifies, and cures the vision for a person to live a normal life. Psychological optometrist helps the client to visualize a problem specifically, helping the client to realize what the problem is. Lastly spiritual optometrist would be guiding and spreading the word of God, just like Jesus, who gave us the word and love that cleared all problems and sins that is becoming an obstacle to understanding and learning the purpose of what God want us to accomplish.

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