Friday, February 18, 2011

An Electric Cross...

Recently, a man placed a 24-foot lighted cross in his yard, in order to demonstrate his Christian faith, however he was ordered by the local city to remove the cross as it was against city building codes. In addition, the neighbors across the street complained about the lights on the cross, as they were penetrating into their house at night. This stirred up quite the controversy, as the Pennsylvanian man refused to remove the cross believing it to be a demonstration of his constitutional rights. In the end, he removed the crosses from his yard.

While this whole article brings about some further questions, such as the motives of the man, it reminds me of the issue in class regarding natural and special revelation. These two types of revelation demonstrate the different ways that God reveals Himself to us. Natural revelation allows us to glean general principles about God through things observed in the universe, such as His presence, His Creativity, etc. Whereas special revelation refers to the specific, intimate attributes of God and God’s plan for humanity which is revealed through Scripture, the Holy Spirit, etc.

This article made me think of these two types of revelations because I wondered if the man was being incorporated into the special revelation process. God often imparts special revelation through the movement upon human hands, such as the the Holy Spirit influencing the writers of Scripture. In the same way, could God take this man’s “electric cross” and use it as a testament to what was done on the true cross. Furthermore, could this man’s “electric cross” help point towards the God of the Bible?

Considering the whole situation, I do believe that their were some misguided motives for this man’s display of the “electric cross”. However, I do believe that God can and does use man’s actions to still demonstrate who He is and what He is about. This in turn is a humbling thought, particular as a Christian, because it makes you realize the weight of every action. For every action has an eternal significance, therefore it should be questioned if what you are doing points to God and His redemptive plan for humanity.


  1. This is an interesting article about a man who had a good idea that ended up making National news. I agree with you that God uses man's actions to reveal Himself, whether it be godly men or carnal men. Many times in the Bible this was God was able to use great men like abraham, Isaac, David, and Paul to spread His great news and further His purposes. On the other hand God used people like Pharaoh, Jazabeel, and Gomer to show Hi faithfulness and love. I think that this man did do the right thing and kept up the cross, but I think that he could of at least turned the lights off at night.

  2. Matt, this is a great article that you chose because it shows integrity on the man's part. How many Christians would profess their identity in Christ as this man did, by putting up a 24 foot lighted cross? He was not ashamed of his identity and it is a great witness to all of us to put our shames aside and really step out in faith, regardless of what people say. God could very well show His special revelation through people and this man was only doing what all Christians should do; to profess our identity in Christ daily to those around us.


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