Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soul and Spirit in Scripture

This article explains the soul and the spirit using the Scripture: Old Testament and New Testament. I’ve not understood this matter during the discussion in the class session this week; I was confused about what is difference between the soul and the spirit. When I was searched for difference between the soul and the spirit, I found something effective answer.
Although I didn’t have all of these matters, I found some difference between them. The word “soul” contains both the immaterial and material characteristics while the word “spirit” contains only immaterial characteristic. The word “soul” means life basically. Human being has both the soul and spirit. However, the word “spirit” is an element that makes close relationship with God. In the Luke 8:55, spirit is that makes the human being a living person.
The word “soul” refers similar meaning, when it contains meaning as spiritual life. The word “soul” is used in relationship with the human being and world horizontally. However, the word “spirit” is used as the human being and God vertical relationship.

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