Sunday, February 6, 2011

The mind, more than the brain...

In this short video ( Peter Gaiam Russell described the brain to be a material part located in our skull and the mind to be our subjective experiences. Peter Russell is considered an author, speaker, Philosopher and Futurist interested in the manner individuals develop holistically. Although he is not a Christian he seems to adhere to the belief that there is something more than just the material aspect of our brain.

In our class, we wrestled with the concept of mind and brain, and to the best of our abilities we established that the mind must be something a little more than just the brain. The brain and the mind seem to be interdependent That is the functioning of the brain influence the operation of the mind and the mind could affect the chemistry and the make up of the brain.

As Christians we accept that the mind, sometimes referred to as the soul amongst some Christians, is more than the brain, but how do we define it Biblically? Did God even intent for us to have a comprehensive definition in the Bible about what the mind might be? If the answer is yes than these matters could be easily settled, but if the answer is "No", what source can we trust in attempting to define what the mind is?

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  1. I agree with your post. I think the mind works more than the brain works. The mind and the brain could work same time, and we do have the ability to choose somethine with our decision. However, sometimes we know and understand with brain, but the mind does not work although they knew it. how do we define it Biblically? Well, I do not know exact answer for that, but I know the Bible is answer of God. Also, many christian do something with thier hearts and minds that comes from God. Therefore, I think the mind works better than the brain.


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