Friday, February 25, 2011

Green Prophets

Annie Leonard is a Greenpeace activist and the author of “The Story of Stuff,” an anti-capitalist propaganda video. This video has been shown in schools across the U.S. and is an attempt to indoctrinate children into a socialist Green movement. Annie has recently created a new video called “Let There Be Light,” which is aimed at Christian and Jewish children. This material not only manipulates Scripture to fit its anti-capitalist agenda, but it claims that Annie Leonard and her constituents are prophets like those in the Bible and thus should not be argued with, but blindly followed.

In class we spoke of the difference between that which is real and that which points to the truth of God. I think is an unfortunate example of just that. These activists are using Scripture, which young Christians are familiar and comfortable with and yet still may have a lesser understanding of do to their age and maturity level. This makes it is easy for them to distort the Biblical truth and misinterpret it in a way that leads to deception.

It is important for us as Christians to make sure that our youth has a thorough understanding of Biblical truth so that they can identify any manipulation of it. Furthermore, we must be careful that just because we hear Scripture we do not follow those misconstruing it without discernment. Satan used Scripture when he was trying to tempt Christ. Therefore, we know that the satan knows Scripture to and can misconstrue it. We should be careful to make sure that we are following those who are not only presenting the Word of God, but are presenting sound Biblical truths that in no way lead us astray.

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  1. Wow. This is profoundly disturbing. I'm often on guard to what my son is exposed to on television and in public, but what can I do about this kind of propaganda being funneled through schools? Children, especially young children, are taught to respect and listen to their teachers and school faculty (well, ideally anyway), a mandate which most parents support...which makes us supporters of things like this! Again, wow. Private school looks better and better.


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