Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is Psychic Reading The New Counseling?

While watching television over the weekend I saw a commercial for a "psychic reading" company. The commercial was very interesting so I decided to visit their website and see what I could find out.

After visiting their website, this company offers psychic readings for what I can only assume is a decent rate of a dollar a minute (I am not knowledgable in the realm of pricing for psychic readings). They go on to further say that only 2 out of 100 psychic readers that apply are accepted and that their psychics are regularly tested on precision and accuracy. Their mission statement is "Our psychics care. Their life quest is to help others find love, happiness, and a way to their true life path".

The first time I glanced at their home page I laughed because I thought how crazy it all sounded. But after really looking at their website and seeing their mission statement it occurred to me that many people look to counseling for those answers. Finding love, happiness, and your purpose in life does not sound like a bad deal for people that are searching and there seems to be a common misconception that if go see a counselor you can find all of these things in just a few sessions. As Christian counselors, we know that this is not the case. Christians know that our purpose in life is bringing God glory. Christian counselors need to have a completely different approach in counseling.


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  2. One of the most common phrases that I hear from friends and young women in my life is, "I just want to be happy." The world wears on people and makes them tired and so they are looking for ways in which they can regain just a smidgen of joy once again. For most, they see it through a material or relational lens, rather than through a relationship with Christ. It is our job as Christian counselors to be the guide to bring this to this realization.


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