Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saddam Hussein a Misunderstood Philanthropist?

I read an article many years ago about this village in Sri Lanka, who named their village after Saddam Hussein. The villagers hung pictures in their living rooms, and named there kids after him. My mind was blown away while reading this article. Saddam Hussein was an truly evil man. He was a dictator that instilled fear in his people. He order the rape of women to find out information, and tortured men for harmless crimes. Yet, this village in Sri Lanka honored him and say that they are indebted to him for all he has done.

This article reminds me of our discussion we had in class about truth. One person's truth may be totally different then another's. what one group of people believe is not the case with another group. Was Saddam Hussein a terrorist dictator who deserved to die, or was he a misunderstood philanthropist? This is truly a good example of the differences in belief that people can have regarding truth.

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  1. Wow Katie! At first it is hard to believe that anyone could see Saddam Hussein in that way. On the other hand, he did build a new town for these people after their town was destroyed, so to them he was certainly a hero. It makes me think of our own tendancies to put entertainment icons up on a pedistal and then feel shocked when we learn of their moral failings.


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